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The Bible: The World’s Greatest Book of Fiction?

Ryan Hembree interviews physician, researcher, and scientist Dr. Carl Werner.

While many consider the Bible to be the world’s greatest book, others confidently proclaim it to be the world’s greatest book of fiction. I find, often times, that these allegations are made by atheists who think that Evolution has disproven God and the Bible. That’s why when I was given the opportunity to interview several Christian PhD scientists and researchers a few years back, I asked them all to respond to this claim. One of these interviews was with ER physician, scientist, and researcher Dr. Carl Werner. He is the author of the books Evolution: The Grand Experiment Vol.1 and Living Fossils Evolution: The Grand Experiment Vol.2 and as a former evolutionist and a former skeptic of Christianity himself I was very interested to hear what he had to say. What follows is an excerpt from that interview.

Ryan: Many claim that the Bible is the world’s greatest book of fiction, a mere book of fairy tales and fantasies now as a scientist do you agree with those claims?

Carl: Wow, I mean that’s a pretty abrasive assessment, you know that, I mean what are they saying that Jerusalem didn’t exist? I mean because that’s in the Bible you know that there’s a city of Jerusalem. Are they saying that Jesus Christ never existed on the earth that that was a made-up figure? Well, there’s a lot of historians that say He lived on the earth and are they saying that you know that different events like the exodus from Egypt didn’t occur? I mean what events are they specifically saying are false? And I think what they’re saying is gee we believe in evolution and we want to say that there is no God, which is fine, go ahead and believe that, I don’t care, and so because we believe that there is no God and that everything came about by chance random mutations we don’t want you to believe in creation. Cause that’s the story that’s the linchpin for the Bible, is: Did creation occur or did it not? Well, it did I’ll tell you that right now because Evolution doesn’t work. Because unless aliens were dropping elephants on the earth you have to explain how we got here, how the universe got here since Evolution doesn’t work, oh, by the way. Big Bang doesn’t work there’s no way to create matter, there’s no way to compress the matter into a dot, there is no way to get an organized universe from a disorganized explosion in space the Big Bang and, oh, by the way, the story of life forming from chemicals in a primordial soup that doesn’t work, either. DNA doesn’t form naturally because of the law of mass action, proteins don’t form naturally because of the law of mass action, cell membranes that function don’t form naturally from chemicals. Now that’s blind faith those who believe that chemicals in a primordial soup gave birth to a living organism, a bacteria, that is blind faith. I can take you to the lab DNA doesn’t form guys, proteins don’t form. Why would you believe this? I mean really you think the Creationists are crazy, I mean, you have some testable problems you know show us how you make a DNA strand from chemicals. We’ll go to the lab tonight, in fact, anybody out there call me I’d like to see this on YouTube, you making DNA on YouTube. We took carbon and put it into the beaker, we put nitrogen into the beaker, we put acid we heated it we electrified it we put lightning bolts in it and oh DNA did not form but we’ll try again tomorrow come back tomorrow. If you think this happens, show me how you make DNA, I mean cause if you can’t make DNA this whole story of evolution is false you know.

At the beginning of [my investigation] I gave much credence to Evolution you know, and I had much faith in these scientists and the further I went along I realized that we’re being told a story they’re holding back parts of the story and they’re the critical parts and anybody that believes in these concepts of the Big Bang, life from chemicals, evolution, millions of years. It’s based on old evidence and now the new evidence is in. The billion fossils that have been collected, the dating problems, the biochemical issue, the physics issues and so if you are believing in Evolution, the Big Bang the natural processes I hate to say it but you’re old school, I mean you’re kind of outdated you know you’ve got to get up to speed here on science because none of these principals work, they just don’t work if you want to believe it you know go ahead and put your head in the sand and we’re going to move on but you have to come up with a lot of explanations here why we don’t see these ancestors with a billion fossils I mean it’s kind of a problem you know, so.

If you’d like to watch this conversation then simply click the play button at the top of this page. Or, if you’d like to see more interviews like this then check out A World by Design: The Muskoka Conference and A World by Design: The Niagara Conference both available right here on our website.

Ryan Hembree is a daily co-host, speaker, and writer of Bible Discovery. He also hosts a YouTube channel that shows the unity of the Bible and how science and Scripture fit together. Ryan also has an honorary Masters of Ministry in Creation Science from Phoenix University of Theology.

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