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Genetics substantiates the Biblical claim that Adam and Eve were real people from which the whole human race originates.

Right from the very beginning, the Bible makes highly significant claims that are often mocked in today’s world, especially where evolution is considered the only truth. Contrary to evolutionary ideas that once claimed we all descended from multiple kinds of humans, the Bible teaches that the entire human race descended from only one man and one woman—both of them specially created by God (Genesis 1-2).[1] And because all humans are of “one blood” (Acts 17:26) it means that there are no races—only the human race.

Of course, due to evolutionary philosophy[2], which seems to have permeated every possible facet of learning—including even Christian education, Adam and Eve are largely considered to be mythological, even by a growing number of professing Christians. For example, one of the claims made is that it is genetically impossible that the entire human race descended from just two people (even though evolutionists believe that we all only came from one cell!). But one’s final conclusions are a direct result of one’s starting assumptions. Indeed, when the false evolutionary presuppositions are rejected in favour of Biblical presuppositions a totally different picture emerges. The fact is, not only could the genetic variation among people today have easily been carried within two people, but several Creation scientists (who were once evolutionists themselves) believe that they actually have a better working model than the evolutionists do![3]

“The concept of race has no genetic or scientific basis.

Craig Venter

Starting with Biblical presuppositions as well as having a basic knowledge of genetics also means that it’s possible to get an idea of what Adam and Eve might have looked like. For instance, because all humans descended from these two, their gene pool needed to have the information available to produce all the variations in people we see today. This basic fact sets genetic boundaries on their appearance. As molecular geneticist Dr. Georgia Purdom explains, “Although Adam and Eve are often shown to be fair-skinned and blond, this was unlikely. To derive all the different skin shades from one couple, Adam and Eve likely were middle-brown in color.”  And, of course, “All humans have the same basic skin color, just different shades, because of a brownish pigment called melanin. To put it simplistically, if we have a lot of this pigment, we are a very dark shade. If we don’t have much of this pigment, we are a very light shade…. [And so,] from two people having the right mix of dominant and recessive genes for the amount of melanin, all shades of brown in humans could arise Thus, if Adam and Eve were both a middle-brown shade, all shades from dark through to light could be accounted for in their children and future generations. For the same reason, Adam and Eve probably had brown eyes and dark hair. In a similar sort of way, if Adam had blood group A, and Eve had blood group B, all the ABO blood groups (A, AB, B, O) could arise.”[4]

Just as genetics helps verify the existence of our first parents, it has also confirmed what the Bible already proclaimed thousands of years prior: As children of Adam and Eve, we are all of one blood and hence are one race. In the year 2000, after mapping the entire sequence of the human genome, the Human Genome Project announced to the world that, “There is only one race, the human race.”[5] Elizabeth Kolbert, author of Skin Deep writes: “Researchers who have looked at people at the genetic level now say that the whole category of race is misconceived.”[6] And DNA sequencing pioneer Craig Venter says, “The concept of race has no genetic or scientific basis.”[7]

That Adam and Eve were real human beings from whom the whole human race descended is not now only a Biblical and historical fact but is also supported scientifically. As always turns out to be the case, the Bible (God’s Word) was right all along.

Ryan Hembree is a daily co-host, speaker, and writer of Bible Discovery. He also hosts a YouTube channel that shows the unity of the Bible and how science and Scripture fit together. Ryan also has an honorary Masters of Ministry in Creation Science from Phoenix University of Theology.

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[2] Despite the popular rhetoric, evolution is not a fact, it is a philosophy.
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