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Prayer. Worship. Warfare.

Hello BD Fam! Welcome to this very important livestream special event on prayer, worship, and spiritual warfare. If you are signed up for Church365, please follow the link in your email for exclusive priority chat. Otherwise, you can watch us here or join the chat on YouTube or Facebook.

Prayer. Worship. Warfare. | Friday, November 26th @ 7:00pm EST

Praying feels unreasonably difficult nowadays, if not, lost on the Western Church. Yet, despite how we may feel, we are called by God to pray ceaselessly in all supplication. What does this mean for us? How should we pray? Why should we pray? What’s the point of prayer if God knows everything? These questions, and more, are topics of discussion. Join us live as we discuss the meaning and purpose of prayer in Christian life

Our hope is to provide a genuine Biblical perspective on this vital spiritual matter that affects the Church so deeply.

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