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Pandemics, Plagues & Panic

Watch the Hembree family live in this edifying discussion on natural evil and how we, as Christians, should respond to pandemics. Come watch as viewers comment and ask questions live on our Facebook and YouTube channel.

Bible Discovery Live | Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Our hearts and prayers go out to all people affected by this terrible pandemic. COVID-19 has not only taken loved ones from us, it has hit the very centre of human achievement – our economy, our medical system, our lifestyle, our longevity – a sobering witness to human fragility. As a result, it has caused panic, uproar, hoarding, dissension and social isolation – bearing further witness to our moral condition. We are in the midst of an all-consuming global, yet personal crisis. It is truly a matter of biblical proportions.

Our hope is that you join us live for an edifying Biblical perspective on the events taking place today.

God bless!

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