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Dinosaur Diets

A serious challenge to evolution.

By examining fossilized dinosaur dung, as well as their stomach and colon contents scientists have been able to determine what their diets were like. And what they’ve found is that dinosaurs consumed lots of different kinds of plants (including flowering plants), rice,[1],[2] and “at least five different types of grass.”[3],[4] And these discoveries were quite shocking to scientists because according to evolution flowering plants and grass hadn’t evolved yet. In fact, “according to evolution, grass did not evolve until 55 Ma-11 million years after dinosaurs died out.”[5] While this discovery has forced evolutionary scientists to admit that they were wrong, many museums all over the world still persist in teaching that grass wasn’t around during the time of dinosaurs.[6] But those who trust in the word of God know better because according to the Bible grass (and other plant life) was created just a few days before the dinosaurs (which were land animals).[7] In fact, God gave the vegetation to all His creatures (including humans) as food (Gen 1:29-30) so we would expect that dinosaur diets included things like grass and flowers. In fact, Job 40 describes a creature called Behemoth (which very likely is a sauropod dinosaur) and says that “he eats grass like an ox.” (v.15)

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Of course, not all dinosaurs were herbivores. Further analysis revealed that some feasted on an array of different animals. Included on this menu were mammals. And while that’s not surprising what is surprising is that mammals also ate dinosaurs. And this discovery ultimately led to the realization that large mammals existed at the time of the dinosaurs.[8] Again, this defies the evolutionary story which said that only small mammals coexisted with dinos. But the biggest challenge for evolution came with the discovery that birds were also a part of the dinosaur diet.[9] Dinosaurs eating birds completely contradicts the evolutionary story which since 1868 has claimed that dinosaurs evolved into birds. But if dinosaurs co-existed with birds and ate them then how could they possibly evolve into birds?

Significantly, all these discoveries are perfectly consistent with the Creation account in the Bible because in Genesis all of these creatures were created together[10] as distinct life forms and thus coexisted. And even though God originally made these animals as herbivores, the fall of Adam and Eve recorded in Genesis 3 brought about the curse on creation which opened the door to carnivory.[11] Hence, these dino discoveries, while contradicting the evolutionary story, actually confirm what the Bible says. Science is slowly catching up with the Bible!

Ryan Hembree is a daily co-host, speaker, and writer of Bible Discovery. He also hosts a YouTube channel that shows the unity of the Bible and how science and Scripture fit together. Ryan also has an honorary Masters of Ministry in Creation Science from Phoenix University of Theology.

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