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The Return | Sermon Collection


About this resource

Join Pastor Rod in his sermon collection:

The Return of Christ I
Pastor Rod teaches from the Olivet Discourse (Matthew 24) about the End Times and shares his personal eschatological views.

The Return of Christ II
In this follow-up sermon, Pastor Rod teaches from Revelation 19 and shares about the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

God’s Word
Join Pastor Rod as he goes through the Jewish Shema, 2 Timothy, and other passages, showing the importance of truly knowing the Word of God.

The Arrival
Pastor Rod teaches on Acts 2, the arrival of the Holy Spirit, and what this means for everyone in the Church today.

The Love of God
Spoken at Good Friends Fellowship Church, enjoy Pastor Rod’s short sermonette on Leviticus 8 and who the Church needs to be in today’s culture.

Plus Bonus Sermons


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