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A World By Design 3: Super Conference


About this resource

In the third instalment of A World By Design, Ryan Hembree, co-host of Bible Discovery and science journalist, interviews eight of the world’s leading creation researchers and scientists at the 2023 Creation Ministries International Super Conference.


Disc 1 — Genesis & Genetics
Don Batten – Natural Selection and Mutations
Robert Carter – Unraveling the Genome

Disc 2 — Aliens & Astronomy
Gary Bates – Aliens, UFOs and Ancient Egypt
Spike Psarris – Astronomy and Physics

Disc 3 — Dinosaurs & the Age of the Earth
Steve Taylor – Dinosaurs, Dragons, and DNA
Jim Mason – Distant Starlight and the Age of the Earth

Disc 4 — Creation vs. Evolution
Richard Fangrad – Developing a Christian Worldview
Matt Bondy – Genesis and the Gospel


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