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Revelation | Sermon Series


About this resource

Pastor Charles Rod Hembree, Th.D., D.E., is the Executive Director and President of Bible Discovery, a daily devotional program designed to guide you through the Bible in one year. The following is Dr. Hembree’s concentrated look and extensive commentary on the entire book of Revelation.

Full of prophetic imagery, rich symbolism and powerful theology, the New Testament book of Revelation has provided its reader with a tremendous boom of intrigue for nearly 2,000 years. Bible Discovery is pleased to present Pastor Rod’s complete commentary set on each and every chapter of Revelation.


Disc 1 — Chapters 1-3
Approx. Runtime: 170 minutes

Disc 2 — Chapters 4-7
Approx. Runtime: 105 minutes

Disc 3 — Chapters 8-12
Approx. Runtime: 125 minutes

Disc 4 — Chapters 13-16
Approx. Runtime: 125 minutes

Disc 5 — Chapters 17-19
Approx. Runtime: 85 minutes

Disc 6 — Chapters 20-22
Approx. Runtime: 70 minutes


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