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March Letter 2024

Leadership is in a crisis right now. When we believe that the only life worth living is one that fulfills all our pleasures and desires, one that corrupts innocence for gain or gratification, one that hates justice and loves selfish ambition, leadership fails. The Bible gives us an extreme example: “Hear now, O heads of Jacob, and you rulers of the house of Israel: Is it not for you to know justice?  You who hate good and love evil; Who strip the skin from My people, and the flesh from their bones; Who also eat the flesh of My people, flay their skin from them, break their bones, and chop them in pieces like meat for the pot, like flesh in the caldron” (Micah 3:1-3). God makes it clear that He sees everything that happens.

No one gets away with evil. The LORD is the perfect Judge! And that perfection is among His people. They, too, will be judged for their selfish inclinations and actions. Thank God for Jesus Christ! He is our way to God’s holiness! When God looks at my life, He sees the work of Jesus Christ and what that did for me; His life which He gave for my sins to be forgiven. Jesus rose in the flesh from the dead and made a way for us to repent and receive Him as LORD of our lives. That is profoundly wonderful! That means we must not only repent as individuals but as peoples. We should ask forgiveness for those around us, in our families, our friends, our cities, our states, our provinces, and our nations. It is time to pray for people to come to know Jesus Christ now, to make Him LORD of their lives!

This month we continue to read through Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1 Samuel, 2 Samuel, and begin 1 Kings. We will see the results of bad and good leadership. We will also witness the results of simple people giving their lives to the LORD and seeing the changes that brings. It is time for everyone to get serious and come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ! That is where leadership begins.

Pastor Rod Hembree, ThD, DE is the founding pastor of Good Friends Fellowship in Ontario, Canada. He brings his extensive production background and Biblical training together to serve the Body of Christ as the daily host and Executive Director of Bible Discovery. He also hosts a YouTube channel for live prayer and difficult questions.