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Sing a New Song

June Letter 2024

The Book of Psalms was written primarily by King David. Within its 150 chapters, the Psalms contain one of the shortest chapters in the Bible (Psalm 117) and the longest chapter in the Bible (Psalm 119). The Bible not only explains that we should “sing a new song” it also gives us somewhere to start! There’s so much music in the Bible. When we read it and learn to understand what it says, we not only hear the sound of our soul, but the sound of God’s presence. These words are the words of the Holy Spirit.

The Bible has a way of objectively presenting the truth to our lives. I encourage you to read it carefully, and make it a regular part of your media consumption. The Holy Spirit speaks to us through His Word. If you want to hear from God and know His will, this is where you should start. So many people are caught up in listening to what leaders claim for their lives that they forget it is God who gave them life and has a plan for them.

With the remainder of Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon, we learn the importance of God’s knowledge and wisdom. Then we begin the first eight books of the Prophets. Isaiah is the famous royal prophet. He shared his ministry space with four kings of Judah. Then Jewish tradition outside of the Bible claims that the next king, Manasseh, had Isaiah killed.

As we enter the books of the prophets, I think you’ll see that the Bible speaks about things that have come to pass, but also about a future which we have not seen yet. There’s so much yet to come!

Pastor Rod Hembree, ThD, DE is the founding pastor of Good Friends Fellowship in Ontario, Canada. He brings his extensive production background and Biblical training together to serve the Body of Christ as the daily host and Executive Director of Bible Discovery. He also hosts a YouTube channel for live prayer and difficult questions.