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The Right To Take Life

Join the Bible Discovery family in this edifying live discussion on abortion and assisted suicide. Watch as viewers comment and ask questions live on our Facebook and YouTube channel.

Abortion & Assisted Suicide

“Who has the right to take life?” is a loaded question. With the rise of medical science and technology, the line that divides life from non-life has become blurred for a lot of people, secular and Christian alike. These issues tend to revolve around the bookends of life: the beginning and the end, abortion and assisted suicide. On the one hand it can come across impulsive, propelled by the desire to free oneself from the burden of a child, or to free the child from the burdens of this world. On the other hand it seems compulsive, driven by compassion for a suffering loved one, or lack thereof. As a Christian, where does our human compassion meet our Godly passion, and where does it draw the line?

For starters, is it right for a Christian to kill at all? If a child is to be born crippled, lame or disabled, is it fair to burden the child with a lesser place in society when they grow older? In contrast, is it morally right to kill someone who seems as though they’re going to die regardless of medical treatment, to free them from pain and suffering? The debate goes further. On a practical level, is it right for a doctor to hold the keys to life and death, as if to weigh the pros and cons for someone’s right to live? Or is it even wise? And if the answer is grey, should the result become legally right, black-and-white law? These are tough questions to consider let alone answer.

Yet, after having said all of that, there is one last thing to consider, but far from the least: What does the Bible say about all this?

Wherever you stand on the debate, join Bible Discovery in a live discussion about The Right To Take Life: Abortion & Assisted Suicide on Friday, March 22, 2019 @ 7pm EST – we would love for you to watch, comment and ask the Hembree family questions live over Facebook and YouTube! – Don’t miss out! Follow and subscribe now:

God Bless!

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