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Pandemics, Plagues & Panic

Join the entire Bible Discovery air team live for an edifying family discussion on Friday, April 17th @ 7:00pm EST. Come watch, comment, and ask questions live on our Facebook and YouTube channel. We hope to see you tonight!

Bible Discovery Live | Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Our hearts and prayers go out to all people affected by this terrible pandemic. COVID-19 has not only taken loved ones from us, it has hit the very centre of human achievement – our economy, our medical system, our lifestyle, our longevity – a sobering witness to human fragility. As a result, it has caused panic, uproar, hoarding, dissension and social isolation – bearing further witness to our moral condition. We are in the midst of an all-consuming global, yet personal crisis. It is truly a matter of biblical proportions.

Our hope is that you join us live for an edifying Biblical perspective on the events taking place today.

God bless!

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